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Muslim Brotherhood Youth Respect Student Will and Democratic Process; Vow Services Continue

Muslim Brotherhood students vow to resume work for all their university colleagues, irrespective of union election results.

Brotherhood Students Revere Al-Azhar Institution

Muslim Brotherhood students urge hostile media to stop fabricating fumbled fables against them, and assure that they hold Azhar in the highest respects as Sunni Muslims’ most venerable seat of

Muslim Brotherhood Students Favorite to Win Egypt Student Union Presidency

Muslim Brotherhood university students win confidence of a sweeping majority of Egyptian youths across all provinces.

Muslim Brotherhood Students Win University Elections Despite Media Bombardment

Brotherhood Student Spokesman Taha confirms student union wins amid desperate media wars deliberately vilifying Brotherhood students.

Egyptian Security attacks MB female students

Security forces in Egypt's Zagazig University attacked students belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood days after they filed a lawsuit to stop the running of the students’ elections. An appeal was

Blatant attacks by University’s security guards against MB students result in broken bones

Muslim Brotherhood student Somaya Ashraf, at the Faculty of Islamic Studies, in the Al-Azhar University of Zagazig, has suffered a brain hemorrhage and her condition has progressively worsened as a

Monofeya MPs unite with students in front of Parliament

Representatives from the MB parliamentary bloc participated in a rally with Monofeya students.

Egypt: Urgent statement about police brutality against female MB student in Beheira

"What happened indicates that it is becoming a general trend by the regime as police maltreat male and female university students warning that these measures will provoke counter-violence.

Unjust dismissal of 20 teachers in Monofeya.

Teachers were surprised to find themselves discharged by a unanimous vote by the board committee appointed by the Monofeya Governor Samy Emara. The dismissed teachers asserted that these methods were

Demonstrations objecting to the arrest of 8 MB students in Zagazig’s Faculty of Engineering.

Hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood Students rallied together where they circled the Faculty of Engineering chanting slogans in protest of the unjustified interference of State Security forces in affairs which didn't