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MB Warns of Aftermath of Egyptian Parliamentary Election’s Quake

Dr. Essam El-Erian, the Brotherhood's media spokesman and member of the Executive Bureau, has warned of serious consequences of the so-called ‘earthquake’ that took place in Egypt's much-criticised parliamentary elections.

MB candidates submit close to 400 poll appeals

The total number of appeals made by Muslim Brotherhood candidates in the 2010 Parliamentary elections reached 374. The appeals were submitted to the Administrative Courts and the Supreme Administrative Judicial

WikiLeaks Reveals Nothing Unforeseen in Egypt’s Tough Grip

Despite there being nothing unforeseen in the WikiLeaks revelations or in the reports about the Middle Eastern regimes' conduct in their election campaigns; they do however highlight the struggle between

President Mubarak Calls Elections ‘Legal’ Despite Proof of Fraud

President Mubarak boldly declared that Egypt ’s recent parliamentary election was legal even though he acknowledged that certain minor violations had occurred in some areas.

MB Secretary General: We have no representatives in new parliament

Dr. Mahmoud Hussein Secretary General for the Muslim Brotherhood has confirmed that after contemplation and discussion following round one of the Egypt's parliamentary poll held on Sunday November 28 the

What Does Egypt Have to Fear?

Should Egypt fear the US? Not really, it is just an ‘outside actor’ after all. Or, should the US fear Egypt? How many recalcitrant allies does the US really need?

MB media spokesman: “The Judiciary Will Decide on the Next Parliament as Being Void

Dr. Mohamed Morsy, media spokesman and member of the executive bureau of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), stressed that the judiciary will rule against the next parliament as being void, especially

Election Victory with No Glory

It comes as no surprise that Mubarak’s NDP claims it will win unchallenged after the two largest opposition groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood with its extensive following, boycotted a contest

Background Report on Egyptian Civil Society Election Monitoring in Upcoming Elections

The Egyptian government has steadfastly refused to grant international election monitors access to monitor parliamentary elections this week. Senior Egyptian officials have rebuffed repeated requests from US government officials, claiming

Peaceful Change Under Threat in Egypt

Egyptians are protesting. The ruling regime has squashed their hopes for peaceful democratic change. What alternatives are there now? The Muslim Brotherhood is bound to its no-violence policy and continues