MB Youth


Katatni: Freedom and Justice Party Prepares Youth for Internal Leadership

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the FJP, works extensively to train and qualify youth for leadership positions in the party in near future.

Freedom and Justice Party Seeks to Empower Youth to Participate in Shaping Egypt Future

The Muslim Brotherhood’s FJP trains and prepares youth to fulfill their role as productive and creative citizens in a modern, advanced Egypt.

Muslim Brotherhood Youth Respect Student Will and Democratic Process; Vow Services Continue

Muslim Brotherhood students vow to resume work for all their university colleagues, irrespective of union election results.

15 Brotherhood Peaceful Protests in Alexandria Against Ganzouri Government

As Egyptian youths organize a series of increasingly sizable and vocal marches and protests, the stage is set for more action to pressure or persuade the ruling military to relinquish

Brotherhood Youth End Peaceful Sit-In In Tahrir After Commemorating Day of Rage

After enduring hours of provocative insults by protestors in Tahrir Square the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) ended their peaceful sit-in in commemoration of the Day of Rage and dismantled their stage

Muslim Brotherhood Youth on January 25 Revolution Anniversary, Secure Egypt, Demand Power-Handover

Muslim Brotherhood Youth on January 25 Revolution Anniversary, Secure Egypt, Demand Power-Handover

Facing Violent Attacks in Tahrir, Muslim Brotherhood Youth Show Restraint and Call for National Unity

A number of young people angry with the Military Council (SCAF) vented their frustration at the Muslim Brotherhood-run stage in Tahrir Square on today's Friday of Dignity marking the anniversary

Dr. Ghozlan: Muslim Brotherhood Joins January 25 Celebrations, Protect Egypt’s Institutions, Remind of Revolution Demands

Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan, media spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), underscored what happened in Tahrir Square today, and in other ‘freedom’ squares of Egypt, as confirmation that the Egyptian people

MB Youth Save Foreign Woman From Thug Attack in Tahrir

Muslim Brotherhood youths in Tahrir Square captured 3 assailants wielding knives attacking a foreign young woman Wednesday evening in Tahrir.

High Profile FJP Delegation to Attend Coptic Orthodox Christmas Celebrations

High profile delegation from Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), led by party’s Chairman Dr. Mohamed Morsi, and Secretary General Dr. Saad Katatny will attend the Coptic Orthodox Christmas celebrations at