MB to announce candidates for Egypt’s People’s Assembly

Dr. Mohamed Saad Katatni head of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc, announced that the MB may run in the upcoming parliamentary elections despite differences in opinion of other political powers.

Jordan: MB political arm remains committed to boycotting elections

The Jordanian government’s recent proposal to the Muslim Brotherhood offshoot in Jordan has apparently failed in its bid to convince the group to participate in the country’s upcoming parliamentary elections.

NDP corrupters trigger inner strife

As parliamentary elections near, contractors, parliamentarians, and ruling party officials, expose various violations pertaining to state-owned land sale violations rendering the government as corruptive thieves

The Primacy of Values – A Conversation with Ibrahim al-Houdaiby

The importance of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood can hardly be exaggerated. Since its formal creation over eighty years ago, the Brotherhood (MB) has served as a definitive intellectual and organizational model

MB’s nerve will not be broken and they will continue campaigning

Violations continue as Shura elections near with the state security following orders to thwart all forms of publicity campaigns for the Muslim Brotherhood nominees

Interview with Libyan Brotherhood Leader

The Muslim Brotherhood group in Libya has been witnessing huge social and political activities since the group’s general conference elected, a month ago, eng. Solaiman Abdul Qader as a secretary