Middle East


Egypt’s Parties Denounce US Vice President Mike Pence’s Visit to the Middle East

Several Egyptian political parties announced their refusal to meet with US Vice President Mike Pence during his upcoming visit to Egypt.    The parties called for "the promotion of national

Press Release: Córdoba Foundation Releases Two Reports on Brotherhood and Egypt’s Stolen Democracy

"Violence and the Muslim Brotherhood", and "Egypt’s Stolen Democracy" – launch of two new reports 2012 saw the first and only truly inclusive and democratic elections in Egypt’s history. Following

Muslim Brotherhood Warns Against Involving Egyptian Army in Libyan Quagmire

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood calls on military junta to stop using Egyptian army like hired militias doing brutal atrocities in Libya and elsewhere.

Freedom and Justice Party: British Government Report Affirms Good Relationship

FJP says there is nothing to shame or incriminate the Muslim Brotherhood, neither in the UK nor anywhere else in the world, as confirmed by a Whitehall investigation which concludes

Azzam Tamimi: British Report Exonerates Muslim Brotherhood, Angers Egypt Junta and Allies

The Whitehall investigation into the Brotherhood says the group is not a terrorist organization – a slap on the face of the military coup generals who ousted the first civilian

Erian: US Syria Position Not for Revolution or Freedom

FJP leader Erian regrets US position on Syrian, which seeks to serve US economic and other interests more than the people being ruthlessly massacred by Assad’s blood-thirsty war machine.

Freedom and Justice Party: Israeli Violations Threaten Middle East Stability

As irresponsible Israeli acts of aggression – both in occupied Palestine and neighboring countries – escalate, rapidly increasing in frequency and intensity, the FJP reaffirms that such flagrant violations are

Presidency: Egypt Withdraws from Nuclear Non-Proliferation Talks, Not the Treaty

Egypt’s presidency affirms that the country pulled out of NPT preparatory talks, rather than the treaty itself.

Human Rights Conference: World Turns Blind Eye to Palestinian Prisoners Tragedy

Rights Group SAWASYA member Al-Hilw condemns deplorable conditions Palestinians suffer in Israeli jails and urges the world community to pressure Israel to release all those prisoners.

Katatni Calls for Greater Participation by Opposition Parties in Ongoing National Dialogue

Freedom and Justice Party chief Katatni urges all opposition parties to join national dialogue sessions currently underway and to participate positively in debates of differences over the new national charter.