Middle East


Worldwide Campaign by Egyptian Expats to Support Economy Finds Support in the Gulf

As Egypt’s Prime Minister Hisham Qandil assures pound will recover in the next few weeks, a pro-Egypt online campaign comes to the rescue, urging Egyptians and Arab citizens at large

Katatni and French Ambassador Agree Assad Must Go; Israel Must Stop Offensive Against Gaza

Egypt’s Freedom and Justice Party Chairman Katatni meets with French Ambassador Nicolas Galey; discuss Middle East troubles; agree Israel must halt its bloody offensive against the Gaza Strip.

A Revolutionary Foreign Policy

The Muslim Brotherhood's political party promises to transform Egypt's place in the world.

Following Morsi’s Visit, Chinese Investors See Promising Opportunities in ‘Gate to Africa’ Egypt

Egyptian President Morsi assures that Egypt is well-qualified for a strong launch into new horizons and a bright future, and that it has the will and the resources to make

Pew Study: Most Muslims Want Democracy, Personal Freedoms, and Islam in Political Life

More than a year after the first stirrings of the Arab Spring, there continues to be a strong desire for democracy in Arab and other predominantly Muslim nations. Solid majorities

Morsi Meets with First U.S. Official Sunday

Egypt’s first freely elected president, Mohamed Morsi, meets with U.S. deputy secretary of state, William Burns, to discuss hot Palestinian and Middle East peace issues.

Freedom and Justice Party Official Statement on Increase in Foreign Tourism

In addition to the detailed and thoroughly researched Nahda (renaissance) Project, the FJP devises a plan to attract 25 million tourists a year, considering that tourism is one of the

Islamist Parties in Power: A Work in Progress – Carnegie Middle East Center – Carnegie

The success of Islamist parties in countries in transition is causing a lot of angst, both among secularists in the region and observers in the West.

Al-Shater: Our Hands are Extended to All for Dialogue and Cooperation

The Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate for Egypt’s top job, Al-Shater, vows to honor international and bilateral agreements to which Egypt is signatory, while ambiguity on the political scene makes it difficult

Freedom and Justice Chairman Meets With Italian PM Mario Monti

Cairo – Tuesday: Freedom and Justice Party receives Prime Minister of Italy who started on Monday a two-day visit to Egypt as part of a Middle East tour.