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Interview with Research Director at Saban Center for Middle East Policy

Interview with Dr. Kenneth Pollack, Director of Research at the Saban Center for Middle East Policy Tw: What are you hoping that this new analysis paper "A Switch in Time

A Muslim Leader in Brooklyn, Reconciling 2 Worlds

The imam begins his trek before dawn, his long robe billowing like a ghost through empty streets. In this dark, quiet hour, his thoughts sometimes drift back to the Egyptian

The Brotherhood Condemns Attacks on headquarters of the Islamic Kurdish Union

 The Muslim Brotherhood’s Leader, Muhammad Akef, denounced the attacks on the headquarters of Iraqi Kurdish Union.  In his letter of condolences to the secretary general of the Islamic Kurdish Union,

Forum for the (Distant) Future

A key pillar of the much-vaunted Middle East democracy initiative of U.S. President George W. Bush has collapsed -- brought down by Egypt’s insistence that Arab governments should have more


>A specter is haunting the Muslim world. This particular specter is notthe malign and much-discussed spirit of fundamentalist extremism, noryet the phantom hope known as liberal Islam. Instead, the specter

Why Are Liberals So Weak In Middle East? By Judith Apter Klinghoffer

Ms. Klinghoffer is senior associate scholar at the Political Science department at Rutgers University, Camden, and the author of Vietnam, Jews and the Middle East. She is also an HNN

Rice sees ’rapid change’ occurring throughout Middle East

The Middle East has transformed rapidly in just the last two years, progressing toward democracy, more dialogue and a stronger condemnation of terrorism, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said in

new wave of freedom

Lindsey HilsumPerhaps a "new wave of freedom" is surging across the Middle East, just as President Bush says. But democracy must reflect the view of the majority, and why should