Military Council


Tarek Al-Zomar: President Morsi Released Revolution Youths Not Jihadists

Chairman of Construction and Development Party affirms that decision to release him and his brother, as well as other political prisoners, was made by the military council (SCAF) in 2011,

Bishr: Anti-Coup Alliance Communicating With Other Youth & Revolutionary Groups to Reach Consensus

On Friday November 22, Anti-Coup Alliance member Dr. Mohamed Bishr, gave an extensive interview to the Freedom and Justice newspaper to discuss the Alliance's strategic vision released November 16, and

Anti-Coup Alliance Calls Huge Back to Barracks ‘One Demand’ Rally Monday, November 18

Egypt’s coalition of parties, groups and movements defending constitutional legitimacy joins mass rally Sunday, marking the second anniversary of deadly 'Mohamed Mahmoud' clashes, and calls Monday November 17 million man

Statement by Egypt’s Upper House After Holding Its Second Session in Rabaa Al-Adaweya Square

Shura Council issues a statement calling on all parliaments of the world to support the Egyptian people and democratic legitimacy.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Current Events

Brotherhood statement condemns coup against democratically-elected President Morsi and welcomes initiatives that call for dialogue after reinstating leader.

Dozens of Pro-Morsi Protesters Killed by Military Coup Live Bullets

With thousands already killed and injured by military coup authorities and security apparatus, the greatest majority of whom are pro-Morsi peaceful protesters, the illegitimate regime has no claim to restraint

Egypt Student Union: Morsi Still President; We Reject Military Coup

ESU Vice-President Baqri affirms that their Executive Office strongly condemns the military coup against popular will, and stands in full solidarity with democracy and electoral legitimacy.

Statement from Pro-Democracy Masses of Egyptian People in All Liberty Squares Across Egypt

Millions of Egyptians demonstrating in support of democratic, constitutional and ballot-box legitimacy issue a 4-point statement detailing their demands.

Mahsoub: Refusing to Let Egypt Move towards Stability with New Constitution is True Tyranny

Those who are doing their worst to delay writing of Egypt’s new charter and throw obstacles in the country’s path of democratic transformation are indeed the self-appointed dictators.

Ghozlan: Morsi Constitutional Declaration in Line with Popular Will and Revolutionary Demands

Responding to public and revolutionary demands, Egypt President Morsi issues a Constitutional Declaration to complement an earlier one issued by the Military Council, in order to protect the path of