Military Court


Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Execution Verdicts of 29 Innocent Egyptians by Military Court

The unjust military court sentences issued Monday in Alexandria and Ismailia, which condemned to death 29 innocent civilians, who had been kidnapped and subjected to forced disappearance and then had

Muslim Brotherhood Slams Latest Death Sentences Against Kafr El-Sheikh Stadium Youths.

 Every day, more unjust death sentences are issued against young Egyptians. We are in the midst of momentous and tragic changes in the history of the nation. The value of

Egypt Junta Military Court Sentences to Death More Civilians in Cairo

 A coalition of families of those sentenced to death in Egypt denounces the final confirmation of the death sentences issued by the Military Criminal Court against eight civilians (in case

Anti-Coup Alliance in Menoufia: General Sisi Military Court Jails Dissidents in Mass Trial

Another sham trial, with political trumped up charges, in a military court throws anti-coup civilians in Sisi's repressive dark dungeons.

Muslim Brotherhood Press Statement Condemns Politicized Sentences Against Chairman Badie

The military court that issued rulings to execute a group of young honorable Egyptians on Sunday is the same that issued the unjust sentences today (Monday) to jail Muslim Brotherhood

Rights Organization: Egypt Military Court Sentences 8 Anti-Coup Civilians to Death

Shehab Center for Human Rights condemns injustice in a military trial that sentenced to death Sunday eight political opponents of the regime, who had been subjected to forced disappearance and

After 970-Day Detention, Detainees’ Families Demand Immediate Release

As Sisi justice executes or incarcerates opponents without discrimination, and with no regard for such luxuries as due process, innocent detainees' families endeavor to secure their release.

On Mother’s Day: 6000 Egyptian Mothers Demand Halt to Military Trials, Stay of Executions

 On a day when the sun of justice disappeared behind the darkness of inhumanity that also stole the light of freedom and quashed the hopes of young people, I stood

Egypt NGO Condemns Death Sentences Issued by Coup Military Court to Civilians

In a statement Wednesday, Egyptian rights organization ECRF rejects the latest batch of death sentences from a military court as extrajudicial killings by the coup regime seeking to eliminate all

Young Hamza Starts Hunger Strike in Dakahlia, After Torture, Medical Neglect

A high-school age boy starts a hunger strike in an Egyptian police station after a long session of extremely brutal torture by Dakahlia forces.