Military Courts


Rights Group Criticizes Sentences Against 26 Military Officers, Calls for Retrial

The International Association of Rights and Freedoms deplores sentences handed down against 26 military personnel and two civilians without trial or legal due process.

Amr Darrag: Power to Be Shared in Post-Coup Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood leader Amr Darrag hails continued anti-coup non-violent resistance that endured for a year and a half (since the coup started) and which will exact fair and prompt justice

Anti-Coup Alliance Criticizes Military Courts, Sentences as Setback for Revolution Gains

The military commanders and collaborators’ escalation of repressive measures to suppress all opponents of their putsch will fail miserably.

Constituent Assembly Statement on False Claims Regarding Draft Constitution

Persisting in their desperate attempts to prevent Egypt from forging ahead with rebuilding and real renaissance, dark forces circulate blatant lies and false claims regarding the country’s new national charter

President Morsi Releases 572 Military-Court Detainees in First Presidential Pardon

Endeavoring to free all civilians jailed by court-martial since the revolution, after careful consideration by a special committee formed for the purpose, newly-inaugurated President Morsi pardons 572 internees.

Ghozlan Refutes Defunct Regime Remnants’ False Claims and Accusations

Brotherhood spokesman Mahmoud Ghozlan rejects Ahmed Shafiq’s slanderous attacks, claims and allegations against the venerable organization, proving who is the ne plus ultra of old guard hangovers.

Diab: Morsi Chances in Presidential Race Very High

Rejecting as false Egyptian media reports that the Muslim Brotherhood’s popularity is fading and its presidential candidate has no chance of winning, a distinguished FJP lawmaker affirms that most opinion

Al-Shater to Azhar Students: Renaissance for Egypt Project Requires Youth’s Energies

It is said that promises do not cost money, but Egyptians know this presidential hopeful has more than words in his electoral platform as his campaign kicks off, albeit rather

Parliamentary Committee Approves Bill to Stop Referring Civilians to Military Courts

Egyptian Parliament approves removal of Article 6 of the military judiciary law, which empowers the country's president to refer civilians to military tribunals.

Dr. Badie Interview with Freedom and Justice Newspaper – Wednesday, February 22

Dr. Badie believes Copts and all political parties and stakeholders in Egypt are partners in the one homeland, must respect democracy and the will of the people; and asserts that