Military Rule


Muslim Brotherhood Denounces Wahat Ambush; Holds Coup Regime Responsible

 The latest clashes in Al-Wahat Al-Bahariya (Giza, 135km from Cairo) Friday, in which dozens of Egyptians were killed, cannot be understood except in the context of the blatant betrayal by

National Alliance: Coup Regime Policies Led to Economic Collapse

 Day after a day, the military coup regime in Egypt causes more and more tragic disasters. Its economic crimes against the homeland is matched only by its crimes and violations

Egyptian Revolutionary Council Urges Workers to Participate in Civil Disobedience

 The Egyptian Revolutionary Council (ERC) called on Egyptian workers Tuesday to join civil disobedience action with the rest of the Egyptian people from all walks of life, to save the

Muslim Brotherhood Press Statement on National, Revolutionary Unity Efforts

 Egypt and its January 2011 Revolution are going through a critical and very dangerous phase for the present and future of the people and the entire nation. The Muslim Brotherhood

Muslim Brotherhood Remembers Mansoura Massacre of Women, Girls in Peaceful Protest

 Today (Wednesday), we mark the third anniversary of the Mansoura massacre of women and girls (of July 20, 2013), which claimed the lives of four women and girls, and injured

Statement from Libyan Muslim Brotherhood on Current Affairs Hails Defeat of Coup in Turkey

 In its latest session, the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood’s Shura Council reviewed the group’s regulatory and administrative conditions, and the homeland’s situation, crises and open wounds. At the end of its

Muslim Brotherhood: Revolution Continues Until Military Coup Defeat

A statement by the Muslim Brotherhood on Sinai Liberation Day mass demonstrations across Egypt.

Anti-Coup Alliance Calls ‘Unflinching Revolution’ Week of Non-Violent Protest Action

Egypt's broadbased pro-democracy coalition exhorts all Egyptians – individuals, groups and organizations – for revolutionary unity in mass anti-coup protests Friday.

ERC Slams US House Judiciary Committee Bill Labeling Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist

The ERC issues a statement describing as absurd the US House Judiciary Committee bill that seeks to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group.

ERC Press Conference in Solidarity with Students in Egypt

 The Egyptian Revolutionary Council, in solidarity with students in Egypt, held a press conference in London, coinciding with International Students’ Day on Tuesday, the 17th of November. The press conference