Military Trial


Military Coup Authorities Arrest Prominent Businessman Hassan Malik

With total impunity under the ruling military-appointed regime, security militias raid and ransack the homes of patriotic Egyptians without warrants, charges or details of the victims' whereabouts.

Egypt Journalist Movement Condemns Military Trial of Human Rights Activist Khaled Hamza

The Journalists for Reform movement criticizes referral of Khaled Hamza to a military court, and demands his release on grounds of ill health.

Al-Shater… Real Renaissance Project to Thwart Counter-Revolution

A Harbinger of Good Things to Come is one way to describe Khairat Al-Shater, the chief architect of Egypt’s long-hoped-for comprehensive rejuvenation project, and the new presidential candidate, nominated by

MB Welcomes Halt of Military Trials for Two Activists

Vice Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood Mahmoud Ezzat welcomed the military court's dropping of charges against Asmaa Mahfouz and Loay Nagaty, the two revolutionary activists who were charged with criticizing

Demonstrators call for Mubarak’s investigation

Tens of people have protested in Tahrir Square calling for the official resignation of former President Mubarak, and bringing him to a military trial before all the Egyptian people and

Egypt : A Facebook Activist Court-martialed After Being Honored by The State-Owned Radio – A

The undersigned organizations expressed surprise and strongly condemned the military trial of an Egyptian young man without a crime except the love for his country.

Military trial for Egyptian blogger

An Egyptian blogger referred to a military court for a ruling had his verdict postponed until Tuesday, lawyers from the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) said. Ahmed Mostafa,

Interview with Mohamed Baligh after Military Trial Verdict

With this emotional beginning Dr. Mohamed Baligh, one of the forty Muslim Brotherhood leaders transferred to the military tribunal on charges of belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood, described his state