Military Trials


Women Detainees in Egypt’s Prisons Under Military Coup

 During the period of August 14, 2013 until end of December 2017, the coup militias arrested more than 2,500 girls and women in Egypt, 49 of them remained behind the

Anti-Coup Alliance Condemns the Execution of 15 Citizens After Mock Military Trials

 The National Anti-Coup Alliance holds the military coup authority, headed by the bloodthirsty, Abdel Fattah El Sisi, fully responsible for the loss of innocent Egyptian lives, and the killing of

On Mother’s Day: 6000 Egyptian Mothers Demand Halt to Military Trials, Stay of Executions

 On a day when the sun of justice disappeared behind the darkness of inhumanity that also stole the light of freedom and quashed the hopes of young people, I stood

Rights Organization Report on Military Trials for Egypt Students

Student rights organization slams court-martialing of Egyptian students, and details a typical well-documented case.

Beltagy Family, Defense Campaign Reject Life Jail Sentence

Another junta-controlled mindless monkey court violates defendants' right of due process, sentencing Dr Beltagy to life in prison, without bothering to hear defense or witnesses.

Rights Organization Criticizes Vengeful Junta Brutality Against Detainees’ Families, Neighbors

Despotic military junta sends savage forces to arrest political detainees' families and even neighbors, including women and children, for blackmail purposes, in a new emboldened wave of systematic violations of

Independence of the Judiciary Front: Politicized, Military Trials of Civilians Null and Void

Anti-coup judges' organization denounces intensely politicized trials of civilians in military courts, especially the latest trials of Construction and Development Party politicians and parliamentarians.

FJP Women Committee: Military Council Bears Consequences of Women Arbitrary Arrest, Detention

With 15 female doctors and journalists arrested in Abbassiya Square near the Ministry of Defense building, FJP chief of women’s committee in East Cairo urges the ruling Military Council to

Gamal Heshmat: Parliament Fully Backs Revolution, Democratic Transformation

Egypt’s first post-revolution Parliament is just over two months old, yet it has passed a number of important laws – for the betterment of the homeland and improvement of the

Beltagy Rejects Military Justice for Political, Media Personalities

Dr. Beltagy announces work through parliament to abolish military trials of civilians, soon.