European council demands lifting of banned minarets

A European council, consisting of 47 countries, called on Switzerland to lift the ban on the construction of minarets in the country, describing it as a discriminatory measure against Muslims

Court in Germany permits minaret construction

An Administrative court in the German city of Minden has ruled that the minaret which is no higher than 16 meters does not violate construction regulations which protect the rights

Poland demonstrates Islamophobic sentiments

The Muslim League in Poland's plans of the building of a modern, three-story mosque near the centre of Warsaw has been met by angry Poles.

No to Minaret for Brooklyn Mosque

A plan by the local Muslim community in Brooklyn to build a mosque is facing a fierce campaign which raises bigotry-driven fears, which Muslims say is not uncommon in post

Askar: Zionists influence is behind minarets ban in Switzerland;Lacks of western awareness on cultures with

MP Sayed Askar, member of the MB Parliamentary bloc and the Religious Committee in the Egyptian Parliament has stressed that the future of Islam in Switzerland will be bright ,

A Swiss minaret ban echoes in Belgium, but why?

A Flemish municipality, named Beringen, applied for installing speakers on the minarets of their Fatih mosque, a Turkish-Ottoman styled mosque and one of the biggest of Belgium.

Before We Damn Switzerland

On October 27 I was on a visit to Switzerland and in this column I wrote from there a first article about the battle over minarets.

Minaret Controversy in Switzerland: What’s Behind?

The problem in Switzerland is that the relation with religions is organized constitutionally at the level of the "cantons" (States). In other words, any demand should be addressed locally. The

Vote against minaret sparks global outrage.

Switzerland's decision to ban the construction of mosque minarets has sparked criticism fro politicians and religious figures worldwide.


Proposal championed by right-wing parties to ban minarets in Switzerland goes to a nationwide vote on Sunday; latest polls show 37% in support of the ban.