Minister of Culture


Minister of Culture: Intellectuals Must Denounce Dawn Massacre of Morsi Supporters

Killing innocent women and children in cold blood will certainly remain a curse on the perpetrators of this absolute massacre.

Minister of Culture: Scaremongering Rumor Campaign Totally Unfounded

Egypt’s new Minister of Culture calls on media professionals to commit to honesty and objectivity standards and to refrain from circulating rumors to scare and confuse public opinion.

Muslim Brotherhood: Elite Want to Maintain Monopoly on Egypt’s Culture Voice

Fought fiercely by old-guard holdovers, Egypt’s new Minister of Culture exposes more corruption as he persistently pushes for even more urgent reforms.

Ghozlan to The Guardian: We are Not Against Creativity; Culture Minister Faces Mubarak Elite

Having suffered oppression at the hands of successive regimes for decades, the Muslim Brotherhood vows to never suppress artistic or creative talents.

Minister of Culture: We Support Cultural Revolution, All Arts and Creativity

Egypt’s new Culture Minister rejects intellectual terrorism and moral assassination; and supports a cultural revolution that provides all forms of art and creativity.

Egypt Minister of Culture Press Statement: Important Messages on Future of Art, Innovation

Egypt’s new Minister of Culture vows to fully support art and culture despite desperate efforts by corrupt officials and reactionary forces to throw all kinds of obstacles in the way

New PM Essam Sharaf names cabinet

The government’s official Facebook page has confirmed that the following people are suggested for the posts of the various ministries in the cabinet under the new PM Essam Sharaf.

Egypt gets 25,000 artifacts from Britain

The Egyptian Minister of Culture Farouk Hosni announced on Thursday that Egypt restored 25,000 pieces of antiquities from Britain, some dating to the middle of the Stone Age, 200,000 B.C.