Minister Of Manpower


Manpower Minister Azhari: Workers Have Right to Elections and Freedoms

Egypt’s Minister of Manpower Azhari meets with legal experts and law professionals to discuss workers’ union elections and freedoms law, seeking to help the country’s labor unions meet current and

Strategic Plan to Raise Egyptian Labor-Force Skills

Egypt’s new manpower minister seeks to activate existing partnership contracts to set in motion an all-inclusive training and vocational guidance plan aimed at raising the general standard of Egyptian labor-force

Blog of the week: Amonsito & State Violence

The morning started with escalations by the workers of the Amonsito factory.

Security Forces assault protesting Amonisto employees

Egyptian Security Forces attacked Amonisto Company employees Sunday May 23, while they were protesting in front of Parliament. Tens were injured and more than 20 workers arrested. Journalists were also

Amonisto workers released

Alsayeda Zainab Prosecution ordered the release of 20 Amonisto workers after a 12 hour detention

Ketan Tanta and Salemko laborers Protest

Workers at theTanta Company for Ketan resumed their open strike in front of the Council of Ministers in Cairo after suspending the stand for 45 days. The workers industrial action

Tanta Flax workers’ demo – no end in sight?

Workers launched a strike on 9 December after the dismissal of their local union head, Salah Mosallam

MP Ashour requests information on laborer’s strikes

MP Magdy Ashour, of the MB Parliamentary bloc, submitted a request for information to the Prime Minister and Minister of Manpower regarding laborers' frequent strikes