Ministry of Health


190 Supporters of Democratic Legitimacy Injured, Brotherhood Property Demolished

In Kafr El-Sheikh governorate, yet more pro-democracy, pro-Morsi supporters fall dead and injured at the hands of post-coup security forces.

Ministry of Health Announces 20 Dead, 380 Wounded in Massacre of Pro-Morsi Demonstrators

A massacre of pro-democracy, pro-Morsi demonstrators, described as the second ‘Battle of the Camel’, armed thugs attacked a march with machine guns, as police forces fired teargas canisters at the

‘Healthy Vision for All’ Serious Step for Freedom and Justice Party on Road to Positive

The Muslim Brotherhood’s FJP takes a firm step forward on its planned road to active service of all Egyptian society, helping to solve health, housing and other essential issues.

Official count confirms 21 deaths and 97 injuries in Alexandria’s deadly church blasts

The Ministry of Health has announced that the last official count has revealed that the number of victims in the deadly blasts outside an Alexandria church is 21 with 97

Gaza hospital suffers interruption in electricity supply

The electricity crisis resulting from the blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip is effecting every aspect of life in the strip even hospitals are not immune to its detrimental effects.

Egyptians struggle to get medicine

The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) reported in late April that the Egyptian Administrative Court ruled to stop the introduction of a new drug pricing system, which connects between

Egyptians die more frequently in hospitals, especially children

A report released by the Ministry of Health last week revealed the death of approximately 23,167 patients out of a total of 3 million patients who underwent treatment in ministry

MB MP: Health Minister favors private hospitals

THE MB described the action as 'provoking' to the poorer citizens who could not afford treatment in the private hospitals.

Egypt has plan to battle Bird flu

The Egyptian health ministry said this week that the country is moving ahead with efforts to stall the spread of the deadly avian influenza, or the H5N1 virus, after a

Mubarak ‘Satisfactory’ Following Gallbladder Surgery

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is in a “satisfactory” condition after surgeons removed his gallbladder without complications, the physician who led the operating team and Egypt’s health minister said.