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Egypt Coup Kills Own Men, by Hatem Azzam

Cairo - September 14, 2013: Hatem Azzam – member of Egypt’s Anti-Coup National Alliance affirms that the coup commanders kill their own collaborators just as they kill dissidents, opponents and

Muslim Brotherhood Condemns the Arrest of Its Spokesperson & Crackdown on Freedoms in Egypt

Putschists in Egypt are continuing their atrocious violations of basic human rights and rule of law, and escalating crackdown against opponents of the military coup.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Egypt Putschists Extending State of Emergency

The Brotherhood condemns the state of emergency imposed in Egypt and the extension announced by the military-installed puppet regime as constrains on citizens’ freedom.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on the Attacks on Town of Delga by Military Junta

The Muslim Brotherhood press office in London issued the following statement in response to latest attack by military and security forces against the town of Delga, Al Minya governorate, south

Egypt Anti-Coup National Alliance Hails Tuesday Women Mass Demonstrations

With dozens of huge and peaceful protests all over the nation, the "Dignity and Freedom for Egyptian Women" demonstrations Tuesday were evidently a great success – another solid step toward

Anti-Coup Alliance Denounces Detention, Torture of Leaders, Females, Minors, Opponents

Egypt’s broad coalition of parties, groups and movements opposed to the putsch strongly condemns torture, brutality and inhuman treatment of political prisoners at the hands of security and military forces.

Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Cairo Car Bombing, Rejects Violence

The worst moments of Egypt’s modern history are repeated by putschists desperate to suppress dissent and eliminate Islamists, starting with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance: Brutal Coup Epitome of Terrorism

As the fascist putschists’ desperate media campaign criticizes coup opponents as terrorists, the real traitors and ruthless terrorists are killing and wounding thousands of people, arresting thousands more, chasing, terrorizing

Muslim Brotherhood’s FJP: Ministry of Interior Facing Peaceful Protests with Violence

Brotherhood-affiliated Freedom and Justice Party condemns hostile media campaign drumming up violence against Friday’s peaceful protesters.

On the Eve of Friday’s Protests, Anti-Coup Alliance Reaffirms Commitment to Peaceful Protest Until Putsch

Egypt’s pro-legitimacy coalition of parties, groups and movements defending democracy against the power-hungry bloody military machine reiterates its commitment to non-violent protest activities.