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Revolutionary Women Coalition Slams Junta Violations Against Egypt Leaders Behind Bars

Egypt's revolutionary women coalition denounces inhuman treatment and torture of political prisoners, including Dr Mohamed Beltagy, in junta jails.

Human Rights Organization 10-Point Criticism of Junta Verdict Against President Morsi

Alkarama, rights NGO, condemns flawed prison sentence against legitimate President Mohamed Morsi issued out of jurisdiction, in violation of Egypt's laws and Constitution, and without due process.

‘Coup Crime Watch’ Demands Justice For Detainees in Putsch Prisons

Egypt’s Coup Crime Watch group holds putschist authorities responsible for all mistreatment and inhumane conditions political detainees suffer in their prisons.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement Condemns New Dawn Massacre Tuesday, July 23

After yet another heinous and bloody massacre of innocent unarmed pro-democracy pro-Morsi demonstrators, the Brotherhood hopes Egypt’s military will stop the fascist approach and let the march of genuine democratic

Excerpts from Egyptian President Morsi Wednesday 26 June Speech

The speech of President Morsi Wednesday included a number of revolutionary decisions for immediate implementation to solve citizens’ problems and achieve security and stability across Egypt.

Dr. Morsi: Aboul Fotouh Incident Not Simply Criminal

In a press statement, the Freedom and Justice Party warned that Egypt is threatened with a deadly spiral of organized violence that has already started sweeping the entire country.

Freedom and Justice Party Renews Call for National Consensus Government; Rejects Borrowing Policy, Women’s Council

With lawlessness and chaos on the rise in the Egyptian street, the FJP demands a new, coalition government must replace PM Al-Ganzouri’s transitional one currently at a loss to steer

PA Youth Committee Recommends Dismissal of Egyptian Public Prosecutor, Cleansing of Interior Ministry

The Egyptian People’s Assembly (PA) Youth Committee recommended in its meeting today, chaired by Dr. Osama Yassin, holding Minister of Interior and the Ministry’s top officials fully responsible for the

Dr. Mahmoud Hussein: SCAF, Ministry of Interior Bear Football Massacres Responsibility

Dr. Mahmoud Hussein, Secretary General of the Muslim Brotherhood, stated that what happened Wednesday night in Al-Ahly / Al-Masry football match was nothing less than a massacre for which the

PA Speaker Calls for Emergency Meeting to Respond to Port said Massacre

PA Speaker, Dr. Saad Katatni called for an emergency meeting Thursday at 11:00AM to discuss the horrific events in Portsaid, where clashes broke out following football game between Al-Masry and