Ministry of Interior


Attorneys for Plaintiffs Fear Mitigation of Mubarak Charges

In an interview with Ikhwanweb, Hanafi stated that in the first trial to Mubarak and Al Adly, many lawyers of the martyrs and injured were prevented from attending the hearings

Activists Remember Khaled Saeed

Considered a catalyst of Egypt’s Revolution Khaled Saeed a torture victim of Egypt’s formed interior ministry will be remembered as Egyptian activists plan anti-torture protests next week in his commemoration.

Human Relief Doctors Denied Entry to Libya

Authorities at Salloum Land Port prevented a number of students from the convoy of the Human Relief Agency in Egypt ’s Doctor’s Syndicate from crossing into Libyan territories, alleging that

Interior Ministry Orders dismantling of State Security

Tuesday witnessed The Ministry of Interior announcing a decree to completely eliminate and dismantle the State Security Investigation Service in response to one of the demands by the protestors and

Does Optimism with Egyptian Revolution Fade with the Return of Sectarian Violence?

No one in Egypt would have imagined that with the outbreak of the revolution on January 25, many of the chronic problems that the Egyptian society had suffered for decades,

Chief of SS admits ordering destruction of documents

Former head of state security, Hassan Abdel Rahman, has admitted to investigators that he ordered security personnel and officials to destroy state security files which contained incriminating evidence.

Order after Disorder

After the disorder of the Revolution and the ultimate fall of Hosni Mubarak, the military sought to restore order as quickly as possible. However, even though this was a reasonable

Lawyers Syndicate Calls for Clearing the Ministry of Interior and Dismissal of Mahmoud Wagdy

The Human Rights Committee in the Lawyers Syndicate called on the Supreme Council for Armed Forces to completely change the staff in the Ministry of Interior statring with Minister Mahmoud

Tunisia – the people’s revolution

Yvonne Ridley comments on the British media’s lopsided coverage of the uprising in Tunisia – devoting airtime to the inconvenience caused to UK tourists and focusing on the role of

Two Hundred Public Figures Call for Dismissal of Interior Minister

Two hundred public figures signed a statement calling for the dismissal of the Minister of Interior, Al-Adly, achieving the “fair” demands of the Copts after the incident in the Saints