Ministry of Interior


Egypt: Urgent statement about police brutality against female MB student in Beheira

"What happened indicates that it is becoming a general trend by the regime as police maltreat male and female university students warning that these measures will provoke counter-violence.

Urgent statement on the disappearance of MB leader

MP Moshen Rady, from the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary bloc, submitted an urgent statement to the Prime Minister and Minister of Interior on the disappearance of Nasr Elsayed Hassan, the MB

Interior Ministry defies release order of ill MB detainee adding to its already black list

The Interior Ministry had challenged the prosecutor's decision and issued a decision to re-arrest him.

9 detentions extended and 3 arrests

State security continues their notorious round of arrests of innocent members of the Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt: Former Security leaders condemn the arrests of MB members

Former leaders from the Egyptian Ministry of Interior condemned the latest arrest campaign against a number of MB leaders on February 8

Defiance is the name of the game where release orders are ignored and MB members

In a new series of defiance by the Ministry of Interior aided by state security, orders were issued for the rearrest of 5 members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Court martialed Muslim Brotherhood detainees anticipate release.

It is expected that the Egyptian Ministry of Interior release on Tuesday, December 15, 9 members of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement who were tried and sentenced. The 9 men who

Defiances, ignored release orders and extended detentions continue while appeals increase in number.

Defense lawyers for the Muslim Brotherhood movement have filed appeals challenging the extended detention of a number of detainees despite release orders. The appeals for 43 innocent MB who remain

War Criminals Are Becoming The Arbiters Of Law

The double standard under which the Israeli government operates is too much for everyone except the brainwashed Americans. Even the very Israeli Jerusalem Post can see the double standard displayed

Re-arrest of Four Students from Fayoum After Being Released

The Ministry of Interior has issued a decision to arrest the four students from Fayoum who were arrested on grounds of the recent incidents in Fayoum University. The Ministry of