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Israeli officials: Egypt halted steel wall constructions after Mubarak’s ouster

Egypt has suspended construction of an underground steel wall along the Egypt-Gaza border that it had been building over the past year in an effort to stop smuggling weaponry through

Egyptian Army Under Attack as Protestors Stand Firm in Tahrir Square

Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo was the hotspot of the January 25 Revolution, and it continues to host the protests that ousted Mubarak and his corrupt regime.

Report finds 85% of people approve of Muslim Brotherhood participation in politics

A new social media analysis report has identified a rapidly growing preference for neo-socialist politics among Arabs who are taking part in the region's revolutionary movements.

El-Arian: MB wants a civil state; Egypt will not become another Iran

Essam el-Arian, a leading media spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood, said the group is calling for a civil, moderate, and democratic state, which guarantees equality, prosperity, justice and freedom for

El-Erian Denies Rumours about Church Rejecting Dialogue with MB

Dr. Essam El-Erian, media spokesman for the MB, denied the news published by some websites that the church has rejected dialogue with the Muslim Brotherhood.

MB Media Spokesman Calls for Unity to Save the Revolution

During a seminar entitled “Priorities of National Work to Face the Counter-Revolution Is a Current Duty”, Dr. Mohamed Morsi, media spokesman and member of the Executive Bureau of the Muslim

Sawiris open to MB rejects Copt President

Egyptian tycoon Naguib Sawiris says he would have no reservations if a Muslim ‎‎Brotherhood (MB) candidate won the presidential elections as long as ‎certain ‎principles were preserved.

MB Chairman, inaugurates MB centre in Alexandria

MB Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie, opened the Centre of the MB in Alexandria on Wednesday evening. A number of MB leaders attended including: Gomaa Amin, Deputy Chairman, Mohamed Abdel Monem,

Christian Intellectuals Welcome MB’s Initiative to Join their Freedom and Justice Party

Egyptian Christian intellectuals have welcomed the initiative put forward by the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) for communicating with them. They also welcomed the invitation of the MB to join their Freedom

Akef: The MB is open to a Copt leading the Freedom and Justice party

Former MB chairman Mr. Mohamed Mahdi Akef, has stated that the Muslim Brotherhood has no problem with a Copt leading the MB party Freedom and Justice.