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VISIONS FOR A NEW TUNISIA: How Islam & Democracy Can Support Each Other

In the name of God, prayers and peace be upon all His Messengers,Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, may God's peace and blessings be upon you.

Jimmy Carter: I trust Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood

In the face of warnings by Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood to tear up the Arab nation’s peace treaty with Israel if U.S. aid is cut, former President Jimmy Carter, the chief

New Tunisian Minister Of Interior Spent 15 Years in State Security Prison for Muslim Brotherhood

Tunisian Interior Minister Ali Al-Areed was born in Madanin city in the south of Tunisia. He first graduated as an engineer from the commercial navy school on the coast of

Tunisia’s Ennahda Pledges Support For Tourism Sector

Tunisia's Ennahda movement pledged to guarantee civil liberties for all Tunisian men and women, including freedoms of opinion, association, religion and belief, in an effort to dispel concerns about the

New Poll Shows FJP in the Lead

An exclusive Newsweek/Daily Beast poll of Egyptian voters portends Muslim Brotherhood influence, and trouble for the West, with this fall’s elections approaching.

Western Fear of the ‘Islamist Other’,

An analysis of the role of ‘Islamic political parties’ or ‘Islamists’ in the democratic transition sweeping the Arab World, and a questioning of the West’s response to this, by Anas

Clinton: US Will Work With Islamists If Elected to Power

Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, threw her confidence behind the ruling Military Council in Egypt during an interview with the Egyptian Al Hayat TV on Saturday, expressing her satisfaction with

Security Official Praises MB Efforts to End Sectarian Strife in Minya

General Mamdouh Maqlad Chief of Security in Minya, praised the efforts by the Muslim Brotherhood to maintain peace and order and contain the sectarian strife which took place between the

Muslim Brotherhood Youth Launch

A group of young Muslim Brotherhood members launched an entertainment page on the social networking site Facebook titled Ikhwan Cinema, rocketing to almost 9000 fans, and intending to relay the

MB Ramadan Banquet August 6

The Muslim Brotherhood announced its first Ramadan banquet after the Revolution will be held on Saturday August 6.