Mohamed Beltagy


FJP Leader Beltagy: Political Elite Remain Silent on Violence Against Muslim Brotherhood

Senior Muslim Brotherhood member and FJP leader Beltagy condemns tacit opposition support for arson, thuggery, murder and vandalism terrorizing citizens across Egypt over the past few days.

FJP Welcomes Tunisian Football Team in Egypt

In a goodwill gesture, youth from the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) met with the Tunisian Football team in Cairo Stadium before its match with Egypt’s Al-Ahly team qualifying for

FJP Criticizes Egypt Police Violence Against Protesters

The Freedom and Justice Party expressed its concern following clashes between supporters of Egypt’s Al-Ahly football club and security forces on Tuesday night September 6, which left 133 injured.

FJP Leaders Slam Arrest of Activists During Mubarak’s Trial

Legal Advisor for the Freedom and Justice Party and lawyer for the revolution’s victims Dr. Ahmed Abu Baraka slammed the continued detention of Activists who were arrested Monday while they

Thugs Attack Freedom and Justice Party Leader, Steal Car

Freedom and Justice Party leader Dr. Mohamed Beltagy was attacked by gun wielding thugs Friday evening on Ring Road 20 km from Cairo while he was driving to Qalyubeya for

MB Leaders Realize Challenges Ahead

Realizing the reality of the situation Muslim Brotherhood leaders addressed attendees during the opening of the group's new centre.

Mubarak and his sons’ trial will affect the region’s political scene

The unprecedented and unexpected detention of the former President Hosni Mubarak and his two sons, Alaa and Gamal, will undoubtedly have its affects on the political scene both in Egypt

Friday witnesses mass demonstrations

Mass protests broke out in Cairo following the Friday prayers by political groups and activists angry at the drafted law which bans strikes, protests, demonstrations and sit-ins.

MB conference discusses political reform in Egypt

In response to popular demands for change and calls for political reform and constitutional amendments, the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc in Fayoum will organize a public forum to discuss the

MB convoy engage in sit in demanding entry to Gaza

The Muslim Brotherhood and independent MP's participating in the aid convoy which left Cairo early Monday morning engaged in an open-ended sit-in in front of the Rafah crossing