Mohamed Montaser


Rights Organization: 172 Junta Violations Against Journalists in 2015 To-Date, Mostly by Police

Police has lion's share of violations committed against journalists in the first half of 2015.

Muslim Brotherhood: Military Junta Violence, Terror Will Not Work

A few days separate us from the anniversary of the first fascist military statement made by the generals in which they used political slogans and bogus demands for deceptive cover,

Coup Authorities Move Seriously Ill Muslim Brotherhood Leader Akef to Toughest Prison

Having arrested 87-year old Akef on political trumped-up charges, on the day the coup was announced in 2013, the putschists now move him from hospital to the notorious Aqrab prison

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Montaser: No Crisis Solution, Only Coup Defeat Sought

Mohamed Montaser stresses that an initiative from the Muslim Brotherhood's former international relations official to 'solve the current crisis' in Egypt reflects a personal view.

Muslim Brotherhood: Coup Regime Nile Water Agreement With Ethiopia Null and Void

Mohamed Montaser, Muslim Brotherhood Media spokesman, says Al-Sisi's signing of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Accord is another treacherous act against the people of Egypt.

Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Montaser on Mahmoud Ramadan Execution

Muslim Brotherhood media spokesman presser on the cold-blooded unjust execution of Mahmoud Ramadan.