New governors sworn in Saturday

In response to the demands of opposition forces and political activists PM Essam Sharaf removed several governors appointing nine army officers and eight police officers in addition to civilians.

PM appoints 8 new governors including a Copt

Egypt’s new Prime Minister Essam Sharaf has appointed eight new governors including a Copt following numerous protests and public demands in a series of mass protests which began January 25.

NDP Tycoons Support Campaign Advocating Gamal Mubarak for Presidency

Two weeks after the end of the annual conference of the National Democratic Party (NDP), some of its members decided to revive the campaign to support Gamal Mubarak’s candidacy for

MB students sue university after being banned from student body elections

For the second consecutive day, Tanta’s University witnessed students staging protests against the university’s administration. The Muslim Brotherhood affiliated students asserted that a decision was made to ban opposition mainly

EOHR “Al-Shater and his companions should be released immediately”

Hafez Abu Seada, Chairman of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights called on the Ministry of Interior to immediately release Khairat al-Shater, Deputy Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, and four

Cairo: A welcome court order for the release of 42 Muslim Brotherhood members.

Cairo's Criminal Court issued a release order to 42 members of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement who were arrested earlier this year

October harvests an overall increase in the number of detentions, arrests against MB.

Members of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in October witnessed the continuing aggression and injustices with more than 115 detentions.

Unjust dismissal of 20 teachers in Monofeya.

Teachers were surprised to find themselves discharged by a unanimous vote by the board committee appointed by the Monofeya Governor Samy Emara. The dismissed teachers asserted that these methods were

Demonstrations objecting to the arrest of 8 MB students in Zagazig’s Faculty of Engineering.

Hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood Students rallied together where they circled the Faculty of Engineering chanting slogans in protest of the unjustified interference of State Security forces in affairs which didn't

Monofeya’s Muslim Brotherhood’s movements face arrests.

State security forces in Monofeya arrested 8 members of the Muslim Brotherhood who were visiting Eng. Mohamed Almahdy on October 6.