Monoufeya MBs Announce Establishment of Parliamentary Action Society

Sabri Amer, media spokesman of the former Muslim Brotherhood (MB) parliamentary bloc in Monoufeya, stated that the group has decided to establish a Parliamentary Action Society beginning its work in

MB MPs Strike Inside Police Station for Their Supporters’ Release

Two MPs of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), Yousry Tealab and Ali Ismail, from al-Shuhadaa constituency held a strike inside the police station in Monoufeya governorate calling for the release of

Over 120 MB Supporters Harassed, Abducted and Detained in Day One of Campaigning

Day one of campaigning for the parliamentary elections revealed the real intentions of Egypt's ruling regime as Muslim Brotherhood candidates supporters nationwide were exposed to arbitrary arrests and unjustified assaults.

Ketatni: Egypt’s Ruling NDP Resorts to Brutal Methods

Dr. Mohamed Saad el-Ketatni, head of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Parliamentary bloc, has ascertained that the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) after failing to honestly compete against MB candidates has

Experts: Prison Act in Egypt Is Unconstitutional

Lawyers and judges stressed that the current Prison Act is unconstitutional as it was passed in 1965 in the absence of parliament and was not reviewed after its formation.

Security continues aggression arresting 13 MB

Security forces continued their aggressive campaigns against supporters of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) candidates for the upcoming parliamentary elections in Alexandria.