Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman: Changes to Better Challenge Illegitimate Coup Regime

 Mohamed Montasser, media spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, said the group is going through a historic phase on both the organizational and political levels, making internal and work-related

Press Release: Enforced Disappearance of Ghalwash, Muslim Brotherhood Leader

 The Muslim Brotherhood holds the treacherous military coup’s criminal security authorities fully responsible for of the safety of Abdul-Latif Ghalwash, member of the group’s Shura Council, who was abducted by

A Year of Devastation; Revolution Continues

The Muslim Brotherhood's Montaser reviews the coup commander's year of failures and corruption, since Al-Sisi grabbed power by sheer force and brutal violence.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement Reiterates Commitment to January 25 Revolution, Goals

 The Muslim Brotherhood reaffirms its commitment to the revolutionary approach in the face of the military coup regime in Egypt, which abducted the legitimate President and sentenced him to death,

Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Montaser: Egypt Junta Kills Homeland

The traitorous junta's desperate attempts to break this nation and destroy this homeland will certainly fail, crushed by the rising revolutionary wave of popular rage.

Muslim Brotherhood Mourns MP Farid Ismail Death in Detention

A press release from Mohamed Montaser, Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman, regarding the death of Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentarian Dr. Farid Ismail after junta authorities refused him essential medical tests and treatment

Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Montaser Highlights 87-Year History

The Brotherhood's Mohamed Montaser posts a series of tweets to mark the group's 87th anniversary, highlighting a number of its sacrifices and important stances.

Muslim Brotherhood’s Media Spokesman Montaser: Revolution Will Not Recognize Egypt Sell-Out

The Brotherhood's Mohamed Montaser reiterates the group's rejection of the Sharm El Sheikh conference in which the failing murderer Al-Sisi and his traitorous regime endeavor to sell Egypt's future to