The Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement on the Fifth Anniversary of the Rabaa Massacre

 Over the past few years, our beloved country, Egypt, had witnessed great events, which left its profound effects on the present and future of the country, combining great hopes with

Statement from President Mohamed Morsi’s Family

Statement from President Mohamed Morsi’s Family News have surfaced that the health of President Mohamed Morsi is deteriorating in an unprecedented manner amid total neglegence by his jailers, therefore:  –

Muslim Brotherhood: Sisi is an Illegitimate President, Election is a Farce

 Muslim Brotherhood’s media spokesman, Dr. Talaat Fahmy, reiterated the group’s position regarding the so called “presidential elections” taking place in Egypt, where the coup leader, General Abdul Fattah al Sisi,

Statements by Muslim Brotherhood’s Spokesman regarding Violations Against President Morsi

 Excerpts from the March 7th statements by the Muslim Brotherhood’s media spokesman Dr. Talaat Fahmy to the press regarding the violations against President Mohamed Morsi by the coup authorities and

Wives of Detainees in Coup Prisons: Suffering and Pains

 The military coup authorities, via their generals, their armies, their informants and their politicians, and through repressive measures, try to break the prisoners’ families materially and morally to give up

Statement by the Muslim Brotherhood: No Reconciliation with Egypt’s Coup Regime

Muslim Brotherhood denounces recent news in some local and international media outlets claiming negotiations, contacts or deals between the group and the fascist military coup regime in Egypt, which is

13 Egyptian Rights Organizations Call on UN to Stop Death Sentences by Sisi regime

 In an address to the United Nations, 13 Egyptian human rights organizations called for immediate intervention to stop the Egyptian government from carrying out the death sentences issued by El

Egyptian Revolutionary Council Commemorates 7th Anniversary of January 25th Revolution

 The 7th  anniversary of the Egyptian revolution comes amidst a state of hustle and madness as old politicians are still committing all crimes against the revolutionary tide so as to

Egyptian “Presidential” Elections: The Dictator Runs Alone!

 Many say that so called “the re-election” of El Sisi, who is expected to announce his candidacy in the next few days, is conclusive and that the result will be

President Morsi’s Son: Attempts to Kill my Father with Poison and Medical Neglect

 Dr. Ahmed Morsi, President Mohamed Morsi’s son, revealed more crimes by ruling regime against President Mohamed Morsi in his illegal detention. The spokesman for the President’s family said in a