Amid Extensive Media Coverage, MB Elects Three Members to Its Executive Bureau

The Muslim Brotherhood held its first public internal election since the ousting of Mubarak, boosting its credibility as a democratic and transparent group.

Election of Three Executive Bureau Members Broadcast Live

To the surprise on many people, the Muslim Brotherhood insisted on practicing democracy in the open to prove the internal democracy of the group and to show its commitment to

MB Ramadan Banquet August 6

The Muslim Brotherhood announced its first Ramadan banquet after the Revolution will be held on Saturday August 6.

FJP Expresses Concern Over Abbaseya Clashes, Calls for Unity and Self-Restraint

The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) received with sorrow the clashes that took place in Abbaseya square Saturday, leading to confrontations among Egyptians in a scene we were hoping not

Ministers, Celebrities, and Diplomats Attend FJP Inauguration Gala

Most ironically, the Interior Ministry, which was until few months ago and for decades leading the massive and powerfull security forces against political activists and Muslim Brotherhood members, was represented

FJP Denies Its Chairman Running For Presidency

Katatny stressed that no member from the Muslim Brotherhood or its party are eyeing the country’s top job. He stated that the MB and FJP have repeatedly reiterated that their

As Protests Continue, Egyptians Determined to Fulfill Revolution’s Demands

Egyptian activists appeared determined to continue their protests untill the ruling military council addresses outstanding demands left unfulfilled from the January 25th Revolution.

FJP Chairman: Partnership With Europe is Crucial

In his meeting with European officials Tuesday at the party's headquarters in Cairo, Mohamed Morsi, chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), stressed the importance of partnership with Europe

FJP Seeking Fair Trial For Mubarak, Not Revenge

FJP leader: Elections should be held as scheduled and perpetrators must be tried swiftly

Morsi Discusses FJP Structure With Turkish Academics

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the Chairman of Freedom and Justice Party, met Saturday mornig, July 9th, with a Turkish delegation comprising a number of researchers and thinkers to discuss ways to