Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls for Rallies Denouncing Security Treachery Deaths in Fayoum

The National Alliance's Fayoum office responds to coup security forces' murderous act of terror Friday with calls to more non-violent marches.

Muslim Brotherhood Committed to Peaceful Protest; Junta Escalate Exclusion, Elimination

After coup authorities declare Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization, the group affirms this shows the government's insistence on illegitimate vilification of the Brotherhood in order to exclude it or

Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance: The Junta’s Protest Law is Void; The Revolution Continues

Egypt’s pro-democracy coalition of parties and movements opposed to the murderous military coup condemns the putschists’ anti-protest law.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on the Attacks on Town of Delga by Military Junta

The Muslim Brotherhood press office in London issued the following statement in response to latest attack by military and security forces against the town of Delga, Al Minya governorate, south

Freedom and Justice Party Rejects Gaza Blockade; Demands Protection for Muslim, Christian Holy Sites in

FJP denounces Egypt’s part in the siege of Gaza; and condemns Zionist attempts to strip Jerusalem of its Islamic identity and to completely Judaize the Holy City by deporting Arab

Sayed Darwish: Muslim Brotherhood Encourages Art and Creativity

This article is about the Muslim Brotherhood’s modern producer, director and writer Sayed Darwish (MB’s Art Committee official), not the famous Egyptian composer – although MB’s Darwish is honoured to

Islamphobia on the Rise

Two Muslim clerics were ordered off a plane in the US recently as they were traveling to a religious conference. After being cleared by security administration they were subjected to

MB Leaders: The Problem Lies not With the Building of Churches but the Tyranny of

During a press conference held on the sidelines of a meeting with the Grand Sheikh of al-Azhar Ahmed al-Tayeb, Mustafa El Fiqi, head of the foreign relations committee in the

Shura Council: The Unified Law on Places of Worship Will not Be Applied for Procedural

Dr. Mostafa Al-Feqi, Head of the Foreign Relations Committee in the Shura Council and member of the NDP stated that the unified law on places of worship will not be

Christian Arabs? Plight: Foreign ?Protection? Counterproductive

Suddenly, the U. S. - European alliance is acting to protect the ?existence? of the Christian Arab minority against the Muslim Arab majority whose very existence is besieged and threatened