Israeli spy Ring Aimed at Conducting Espionage against Egyptian Army

Mossad agents were arrested in Egypt 5 days ago, and the mission was sent to collectdetailed information about the size of the Egyptian armed forces stationed on the streets; its

Egyptian Uprising overthrows its Zionist Master

At the start of the Egyptian uprising western public opinion responded positively to the mostly young, middle class, people who took to the streets demanding greater political freedoms which many

Lebanese Hezbollah leader Nasrallah could be right

Alan Hart explains why we should not dismiss lightly Lebanese Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah’s assertion that the tribunal investigating the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri as “an American

My advice to Egypt

The New Year bombing in Alexandria, which killed as many as 25 innocent people, nearly all of them Christian Copts, shocked Egypt and the Arab world. It infuriated Christians and

What options exist for Netanyahu next time on the high seas?

Richard Lightbown argues that whatever Israel does when the Mavi Marmara sets sail for Gaza on the first anniversary of the murder of aid workers by Israeli commandos aboard the

Israeli ambassador to Cairo flees to Israel after discovering Mossad spy ring

- The Egyptian newspaper Al-Youm Assabe'a revealed that Israel's ambassador Isaac Levanon left Cairo immediately after the Egyptian authorities discovered a spy ring affiliated with the Mossad and pointed out

Egypt: Mossad was behind internet cable cut two years ago

- Egyptian Supreme State Security disclosed investigations leading to Israeli foreign intelligence the Mossad being behind the break in an internet cable belonging to Egypt a few kilometers off Italian

Espionage, Assassination, War Crimes and Israel – WikiLeaks

No more than two percent of documents related to Israel have been released so far and any cables that mention Israel are automatically categorized as ‘sensitive’ as well as being

Khalfan denies he attended Interpol meeting in Doha, met with Israeli official

Dubai police chief Dahi Khalfan denied Israeli news reports claiming he met with an Israeli security official during a meeting of the general assembly of Interpol that was held recently

Obama and Jihad and how not to fight terrorism

In Mumbai President Obama was asked by an Indian student for his “take or opinion on jihad”. He began his answer with the observation that “the phrase jihad has a