Mubarak Regime


Egypt Anti-Coup Alliance Calls ‘January Revolution is Back’; Salutes Turkish People

The national coalition of parties and groups opposed to the coup in Egypt is encouraged by Turkey's successful quashing of the traitorous coup, and calls for a powerful revival of

Illegitimate Coup Regime in Egypt: 122 Death Sentences, 50 NGOs Dissolved in May 2015

A rights organization report slams coup regime performance, painting a harrowing picture of Egypt under the rule of the repressive military junta.

National Alliance Hails Escalating Anti-Coup Peaceful Resistance

The wide-based pro-democracy coalition stands firm against the murderous military coup and urges respect for popular will; vows mass civil disobedience soon.

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Condemns Rampant Corruption, Absence of Social Justice

Egypt's pro-legitimacy coalition of parties and movements affirms that the people's rage and revolt are upsetting murderous military coup plans.

Beltagy Family Appeals to Free World to Intervene to Stop Injustice Inflicted upon Them

The family of Dr. Beltagy, Muslim Brotherhood and FJP leader, call on rights organizations to help stop the flagrant violations committed by coup authorities against them and Dr. Beltagy himself

Egypt Pro-Democracy Coalition Announces Referendum Boycott

The Anti-Coup National Alliance announces it is to boycott the sham referendum on the junta’s constitution scheduled for 14 and 15 January 2014.

FJP Rejects Brutal Quelling of Shura Council Demonstrations as Mubarak Regime Replication

The Freedom and Justice Party condemns repression suffered by demonstrators and activists in front of Shura Council (Egyptian Parliament’s Upper House) Tuesday.

Freedom and Justice Party Mourns Victims of Dahshur Train Accident

At least 26 people were killed and 28 injured when a train crashed into a pick-up truck and a minibus at a crossing in Dahshur, on the outskirts of Cairo.

Anti-Coup Alliance Calls Friday Protests Against Regime Attacks on Egyptian Women, Rights Violations

Egypt’s anti-coup coalition of parties and movements defending democracy and constitutional legitimacy calls 'Egyptian Women A Red Line' Friday of peaceful protest activities on December 8.

Pro-Democracy Coalition Calls ‘Steadfastness and Independence of the Judiciary’ Mass Rally

Egypt’s Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy Alliance condemns the putschists’ outright hostility against honorable judges of Egypt and their crude and irresponsible intervention in their affairs, threatening the independence and impartiality of the