Mubarak Trial


Muslim Brotherhood Seeks Sensible Judiciary Law, Coordination with All Patriotic Parties

Egypt Brotherhood press release reaffirms fair demands of Friday’s demonstration outside Cairo’s High Court.

FJP: Retribution Against Mubarak, Killers of Revolutionaries Red Line; People Want Justice

Urgent reforms must ensure true justice and punishment for Mubarak and his top officials for their part in murdering peaceful protesters and plundering Egypt’s resources.

Darrag: Verdict has Shocked Egyptian People; Election is a Side-Issue

Freedom and Justice Party assures that Dr. Morsi will never give up the rights of the January 25 revolution’s Martyrs and wounded protesters, and that he will certainly press for

Muslim Brotherhood to Join Nationwide Protests against Shocking Verdicts in Mubarak Trial

Like the rest of the Egyptian public, the Brotherhood is shocked and dismayed by the court rulings issued earlier today – Saturday – in the case against ousted president Mubarak,

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Mubarak Trial Verdicts

Absurd, illogical, unreasonable, is how Egyptian people, including the Muslim Brotherhood, describe the rulings issued Saturday in the case against ousted president Mubarak, his sons and his senior police commanders

Morsi Campaign: Deposed Mubarak and Partners Must be Re-Tried for Serious Crimes

Denouncing Mubarak’s trial as a shameful theatrical farce, Morsi campaign spokesman finds it absurd and unreasonable that the judge in today’s ruling jails the former president for life but acquits

FJP Leaders Slam Arrest of Activists During Mubarak’s Trial

Legal Advisor for the Freedom and Justice Party and lawyer for the revolution’s victims Dr. Ahmed Abu Baraka slammed the continued detention of Activists who were arrested Monday while they