Freedom and Justice Party Statement Marking Mubarak Ouster

The Muslim Brotherhood's political wing, the FJP, urges all Egyptians for anti-coup revolutionary unity, and assures that no criminal, murderer or traitor will go unpunished.

Egypt Pro-Democracy Alliance Statement Calls ‘Revolt Against Murderous Putschists’ Friday

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance issues a statement urging the men and women of the Egyptian Revolution to rise against the murderers of Egypt youths in a 'Down with the

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Statement: Reject Junta Calls for Murder Mandate

Egypt's broadbased anti-coup coalition calls on all Egyptians to pull together for revolutionary unity and to denounce the military junta's call for a further mandate for more murders.

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Statement Urges Patriotic Egyptians to Persist in Peaceful Protests

Broadbased coalition of parties and groups opposed to the illegitimate military coup in Egypt stresses that the Revolution is the only way to avoid civil war.

Egypt Anti-Coup Alliance Statement: Popular Anger Protest Wave to Continue Until February 11

The pro-democracy wide-based coalition in Egypt urges all citizens to persist in the ongoing peaceful protest wave until the anniversary of ousting Mubarak.

Egypt Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls ‘Friday of Persistence and Defiance’ Day of Anger Protests

Egypt's Anti-Coup National Alliance issues a statement urging patriotic citizens to join the thundering protests to achieve the Revolution's demands and oust the illegitimate coup regime.

Egypt Anti-Coup Coalition: International Community Needs to Support Popular Will

The latest Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance statement accuses international players of failing to undo the damage they caused with their whole-hearted support for the junta and the illegitimate coup.

Human Rights Report Uncovers Significant Increase in Junta Crimes and Violations Against Protesters

As Egyptians mark the fourth anniversary of the January 25 Revolution, coup security forces are escalating their relentless campaign of brutal crimes and violations against unarmed civilians protesting against the

Egyptian Legitimate President Mohamed Morsi Speech in Farcical Trial Hailed

Popular pro-democracy campaign praises elected President Morsi's speech in court in a statement Sunday.

Anti-Coup Jurists Urge Coup Election Boycott

Egypt's pro-legitimacy Independence of the Judiciary Front calls for a total boycott for the junta's forthcoming sham 'parliamentary election'.