Mufid Shehab


NDP Secretary General Announces Cleansing of NDP Corrupt Party

The National Democratic Party’s new secretary general has issued a statement asserting that the party has initiated a "cleansing” campaign aimed at ousting all members involved in cases of corruption.

Prosecutor calls for investigation of former senior gov’t officials

Central Auditing Agency Chairman, Gawdat El-Malt has asserted that he received documented complaints from the general prosecutor, Abdul Magid Mahmoud.

Egyptian official: New Anti-terrorism Law Postponed until Further Notice and Emergency Law Sufficient

A government official has revealed that the government intends to postpone the adoption of the draft anti-terrorism law for a non-specific period, although the law was originally listed in President

Law on Egyptian Presidential Elections Amended

The cabinet's ministerial group for political and legislative affairs approved today an amendment of the presidential election law no.74/2005. The group led by Mufid Shehab indicated that the amendment is

Mubarak sidelines presidential succession issue and opposition’s reform demands

The ruling NDP’s annual convention began on Saturday with what appeared to be early intentions of sidelining and ignoring pressing questions of political reform and presidential succession although his mandate

NDP to present Presidential platform after NDP’s 7th Annual Conference

The National Democratic Party (NDP) will begin preparing its platform for the presidential candidate after the seventh annual conference slated for December 25-26.

Shehab Defends Electoral Practices and Dismisses Parallel Parliament

Mufid Shehab Minister of State for Parliamentary and Legal Affairs dismissed the "parallel parliament" recently formed by opposition figures, former MPs and members of opposition including those from the Muslim

Egyptian Court Refuses Nomination of Senior Government Official for the Upcoming Parliamentary Elections

The Supreme Administrative Court of Egypt led by Judge Adel Azab accepted the lawsuit lodged by Mahmoud Hamed Diab Kandil against Minister of State for Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, Mufid

Former US President calls for International monitoring of elections

Former US President Jimmy Carter currently visiting Egypt called on the Egyptian government to allow international monitoring of the Parliamentary elections scheduled to be held on November 28, 2010.

Independent papers follow closely MB issues

With elections approaching independent newspapers are primarily interested in bringing across the facts relaying Egypt 's electoral atmosphere with the standoff between the NDP and the Muslim Brotherhood occupying the