Municipal Elections


Reports: 90% of Heads of Local Councils Expected to Be Replaced

In a few hours, Egypt will witness a momentous event in its history when the interim Prime Minister, Essam Sharaf, is expected to issue a decision to replace heads of

Jordan: IAF to Participate in Municipal Elections

The executive office of the Islamic Action Front Party has decided to participate in the municipal elections, giving its objections to illegal violations. The following is the text of the

Head of Jordan’s MB: Vote Boycott Under Discussion

Salem Falahat, the secretary general of the Muslim Brotherhood group in Jordan said that the group hasn"t made up its mind yet regarding its attitude towards the next parliamentary elections

Mauritanians Vote for Parliament, Municipal Councils

Parliamentary and municipal election kick started on Sunday November 19,2006, as more than 30 parties are contesting to elect 95 candidates for parliament membership as well as 216 municipal councils. It is

Akef Urges Working to Fight Corruption

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Leader Mr. Muhammad Akef asserted that the Egyptian regime has no real intention for reform, change, abandoning autocracy or eradication of corruption. He questioned the government pledges to set

Brotherhood Objects to Elections Postponement

The Muslim Brotherhood turned down a government bill concerning the deferment of municipal elections, scheduled for in April. Accordingly, the current municipal councils, dominated by the ruling National Democratic Party,

Government Postpons Municipal Elections

The Egyptian government refered a draft law concerning the postponement of the municipal elections for two years to be enorsed by parliament. By enacting this bill, the government is aiming

The Municipal Election Draft Law is a Mystery

The coming municipal elations, scheduled for in April, are very mysterious. Leaked leads say the government considers putting it off one year. At the heels of the Muslim Brotherhood’s unprecedented