Murad Ali


Freedom and Justice Party Spokesman’s Health Deteriorates in Detention

FJP Spokesman Murad Ali suffers deliberate medical neglect in notorious Aqrab Prison, after painful heart attack.

FJP’s Farid Ismail Arrested; Murad Ali Mistreated in Prison

While Egypt’s military putschists and their figurehead government assure commitment to establishing the rule of law, they wield the scepter of tyranny and repression, rather than the sword of justice,

FJP: At least 213 Martyrs Killed by Coup Forces Live Bullets on Friday of Anger

Vengeful forces of Egypt’s putschists shoot to kill as they murder 213 peaceful protesters on Friday, a toll likely to rise as hundreds more are wounded.

FJP Condemns Attacks on Copts; Reaffirms Revolution Non-Violence

In a press release Thursday, Murad Ali, Media Spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Freedom and Justice Party, condemns attacks against Copts, churches and property, and stresses the peacefulness of the

Freedom and Justice Party: Closure of TV Channels Beginning of Repressive Single View Era

Immediately after announcing the ouster of elected President Morsi, authorities pulled the plug on all TV channels that voiced any opposition to the military’s maneuvers.

FJP, Muslim Brotherhood Leaders: Shiites Murder Reprehensible, Cannot Be Justified in Any Religion

Senior leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood and its political arm, the FJP, condemn the murder of four Egyptian citizens in Giza province as totally unjustifiable.

FJP: ‘No to Violence’ Million-Man Rally Highlights Differences between Islamists, NSF, Rebel

Though astonishingly small on numbers, so-called National Salvation Front and Rebel movement demonstrations are invariably violent, vengeful and disruptive, leaving behind burning cars, smoldering homes and ransacked businesses.

FJP: Opposition Refused to Nominate New Governors; Attempts Coup Against Legitimacy

Having refused to offer candidates for a nationwide governor reshuffle, Egypt’s opposition parties and movements now reject the President’s appointments and plot violence for the anniversary of his first year

Freedom and Justice Party Reaches Out for Dialogue with Everyone, for Egypt Rejuvenation

The Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm, the FJP, vows to cooperate and engage in dialogue with any willing party for the sake of the homeland.

Freedom and Justice Party: Some Still Desperate to Drag Judiciary into Political Conflict

After laying to waste about two billion Egyptian pounds (over $333mil) by insisting on the sacking of Egypt’s first postrevolution elected lower house of parliament, the country’s Constitutional Court now