Muslim Brotherhood Bloc


MB: Boycotting elections gives fake legitimacy to the regime

El Eryan maintained that mass political participation was very crucial and their actions to protect their rights are significant in deciding on the outcome of the elections.

Mubarak appoints remaining members of the Shura council

A presidential decree has been announced appointing 44 members of the Shura Council. The list includes eight Copts, 11 women and former ministers, leading figures in the National Democratic Party

Alexandria MBs launch a campaign to remove police chief

The Muslim Brotherhood bloc in Alexandria has launched a campaign calling for the dismissal of Major Mohamed Ibrahim, the head of security in Alexandria.

Insurance and pension laws passed in parliament amid doubts

A new pension law has been endorsed by the people's assembly in what has been described by opposition as a rushed session

MB court case adjourned until July 14

The trial of five International Muslim Brotherhood members accused of money laundering has been postponed untill July 17 by an emergency court

Sources: Egypt might impede Freedom Flotilla

Egyptian diplomatic sources said that consultations were ongoing in the Egyptian foreign ministry on the Freedom Flotilla heading to Gaza.

ElBaradei criticizes Egyptian govt for extending emergency law

Former IAEA chairman Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei criticised the recent decision by the ruling regime to renew the emergency law in Egypt

Egypt’s transparent elections continue by kidnapping campaigners

Egypt's Shura electoral procedures appear to be well underway as the regimes security apparatus continue with their tried and tested methods, in kidnapping members of the opposition namely the Muslim

Muslim Brotherhood seeks new way to pick al Azhar’s Grand Imam

Sheikh Ali Gomaa, the head of Dar al-Iftaa, or the religious decree house, at Al Azhar is considered to be a likely nominee to replace Sheikh Tantawi.

Minister of Agriculture refuses to resign despite “sewage irrigation” scandal

Abaza pointed out that 85% of Egypt's share in water is used in agriculture and is declining due to the population growth and the increase of personal consumption of water