Muslim Brotherhood Elections


MB and the upcoming phase, accepting the challenge

Observers describe the coming phase in the movements history as "changing and crucial" with the arrival of the eighth MB Chairman to the scene.

Nuggets from New Muslim Brotherhood Leader’s Al-Jazeera Interview

As some of you know, the Muslim Brotherhood, the largest and most influential Islamist group in the Middle East, recently elected a new leader.

MB Chairman thanks press for attending and covering conference.

Dr Mohamed Badie expressed his gratitude to the press who covered the conference stressing that he believed that their honest coverage of MB news will continue.

Translation: Muhammad Badie’s acceptance speech

Muhammad Badie, the newly-elected supreme guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, delivered an acceptance speech today to an audience of Brotherhood members. We'll post some thoughts on the speech (and Badie's

Covering the Muslim Brotherhood’s Election of a New General Guide

As some of you may have heard, yesterday, the Muslim Brotherhood announced the election of a new general guide, Mohammed Badie

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood picks new leader

The Muslim Brotherhood, the banned fundamentalist party considered the largest opposition force in Egypt, has chosen a new leader who is expected to reduce the group’s participation in politics.

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood ‘peering over erupting volcano’ as leader departs

Mohamed Badi, senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood guidance bureau, has taken over as head of the party after former leader Mahdi Akef came to the end of his term

Letter from the MB New Chairman Mohammed Badie’

As you are aware, the main goal of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement (MB) is comprehensive modification, which deals with all kinds of corruption through reform and change. "I only desire

Morsi: Palestine Witnesses Deaths, Exchange of Role among Murderers and Usurpers

Palestine is witnessing deaths and acts of usurping in Gaza Strip and an exchange of roles among killers and members of the Zionist gangs, said a top Muslim Brotherhood leader

Morsy: No Contradiction Between Doha, Kuwait, Other Summits, Must Be Complementary

Morsy explained that the economic summit in Kuwait may have its influence in pressuring Israel economically while the Doha summit may have its positive political influence in affirming its support