Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt


Dr. Mohamed Beltagy, the Peoples’ Representative

"Have mercy on the Egyptian people.. have mercy on the Egyptian people," roared Dr. Mohamed Beltagy, the then Secretary General of the Muslim Brotherhood’s parliamentary bloc in the 2005 People’s

Young MB Journalists Protest Decision to Postpone Syndicate’s Elections

Muslim Brotherhood (MB), journalist Mohamed Abdul Quddus and candidate for the Journalist Syndicate elections voiced his frustration along with many other journalists following the announcement by Makram Mohamed the former

Poll Reveals 35% of Egyptians Support Muslim Brotherhood

A survey published by the Middle East News Agency (MENA) revealed that 35 percent of Egyptians support the Muslim Brotherhood (MB). It Also showed that 58% would not elect a

The real threat in Egypt: Delayed democracy

A lot of people in Washington seem to think so, though they are talking about it quietly so far. Their fears are specific: that the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic

MB Praises Yemeni Revolution, Calls on Gulf Countries to Intervene

Muslim Brotherhood’s (MB) media spokesman, Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan, described indiscriminate attacks by forces loyal to Yemeni President Abd Allah Saleh against peaceful protestors "crimes against humanity and violation of all

Landslide Victory for MB in October 6 Club Elections

The Muslim Brotherhood’s electoral list won a sweeping victory in the October 6 Club’s elections Saturday. Winning the club's presidency by a 2500 vote lead was MB businessman Abdul Rahman

MB in Alexandria Organizes Rally Against Counter Revolution

Muslim Brotherhood leader in Alexandria Sobhi Saleh stated that the Egyptian people will not allow for the parliamentary elections to be postponed.

Kefaya Condemns Attacks on MB Youth During Rally in Alex

A statement issued by the Egyptian Movement for Change (Kefaya) strongly condemned the assaults on some Muslim Brotherhood youths near the Qaed Ibrahim Mosque in Alexandria during a Rally organised

MB and Former Regime Remnants Face Off in Teachers’ Union Elections

The Teachers’ Union elections are underway today following ten years of marginalizing teachers and disregarding their rights and demands during the former regime’s rule.

MB Chairman and Delegation Visit Erdogan

A high profile delegation from the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) visited Turkey’s PM Ragab Tayyip Erdogan at his Cairo residence Wednesday.