Muslim Brotherhood Members


MB Chairman Sends Best Wishes to all Copts and Christians Worldwide

The Muslim Brotherhood’s chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie extended his warmest wishes to the Christians and Copts in Egypt and around the world during the celebrations of Christmas for 2010.

Rafiq Habib: Absence of Rules that Promotes Fair Election Process Triggered MB to Boycott

Rafiq Habib, prominent Coptic Christian expert on Islamist movements, said the Brotherhood's decision to boycott the run-off elections scheduled to be held on December 5, was a patriotic decision made

Hussein: MB Decided to Boycott the Run-Off and Will Continue the Struggle to Regain People’s

Secretary General for the Muslim Brotherhood, Dr. Mahmoud Hussein, emphasized that the group has achieved many of its goals, as they feel the responsibility to protect people and make them

Judge Wardani: State Security Forces Shut Down Voting Centers

Vice President of the Court of Appeals, Ayman Al-Wardani, resigned from his post as a member of the committee mandated with supervising the elections in the city of Arish in

Witnessing Egypt’s polls worldwide

Election eve has had Egyptian security force on high alert with 22 Muslim Brotherhood members arrested nationwide on Friday.

Election Commission Sets Candidate List

The High Elections Commission in Egypt announced the list of 5720 accepted parliamentary candidates who submitted applications from Wednesday through to Sunday. The total, which included 132 women, are expected

Insta-Reactions to Today’s Pro-Democracy Protest in Egypt

I was just at the pro-democracy protest in Tahrir Square, Cairo, which finished up about 30 minutes ago (although I think many of the protestors are still trapped in by

Egypt: 4 MB arrests as nomination for Shura council approaches

State Security raided the houses of four prominent Muslim Brotherhood leaders early Sunday. Come elections, arrest campaigns appear to be the only language understood by the ruling regime.

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood: Opposite effects

The recent arrest of several Muslim Brotherhood leaders came as no surprise. In fact many had been expecting the move for weeks. What did raise eyebrows was the charge sheet,

Rights group lashes out over Egypt’s military tribunals

CAIRO: Amnesty International has condemned the Egyptian government for failing to overturn military court verdicts in an appeal by Muslim Brotherhood members sentenced in what the London-based group called “unfair