Muslim Brotherhood Movement


Jerusalem Post fears post Mubarak Era

A recent article published in the Jerusalem Post discussed the current situation in Egypt with the upcoming parliamentary elections, the presidential elections and post Mubarak speculations.

US Support for Democracy Key to Improving Muslim Relations

President Barack Obama's widely publicized speech in Cairo one year ago this June raised hopes that U.S. relations with the Muslim world might soon improve.

9 Sharqia MB’s arrested

Arrests continue with the approach of elections

MB and the upcoming phase, accepting the challenge

Observers describe the coming phase in the movements history as "changing and crucial" with the arrival of the eighth MB Chairman to the scene.

Nuggets from New Muslim Brotherhood Leader’s Al-Jazeera Interview

As some of you know, the Muslim Brotherhood, the largest and most influential Islamist group in the Middle East, recently elected a new leader.

Egypt: ElBaradei more popular than President Mubarak

CAIRO: Mohamed El Baradei has won a popularity context in a recent referendum on the most popular figures in the world,

EGYPT: Muslim Brotherhood future

"... Following an intense government crackdown, and amid growing tension between the conservatives and reformists, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) held its executive bureau elections in December.

Diaa Rashwan: Brotherhood teaches ruling regime a valuable lesson.

Expert Diaa Rashwan from Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies expressed that the transfer of authority in the Muslim Brotherhood Movement that was recently witnessed was truly an example

Heart felt condolences to Haiti’s President and people.

The Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement Dr Mohamed Badie would like to express his sympathies to the people of Haiti, who are suffering after being hit by a 7-magnitude

The Eighth MB Guide: It’s Badi‘, not Bayumi

A brief drop-by from a weekend off to note that the press conference announcing the eighth General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, postponed from Thursday till today, announced the appointment