Muslim Brotherhood Movement


Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood picks new leader

The Muslim Brotherhood, the banned fundamentalist party considered the largest opposition force in Egypt, has chosen a new leader who is expected to reduce the group’s participation in politics.

Egypt’s Brotherhood gets new leader

Muhammad Badie becomes the eighth leader of the Muslim Brotherhood since the party's establishment.

Suez’ Muslim Brotherhood members receive 30 days detention renewal.

Chancellor Mohamed Imam President of the Criminal Court in Suez issued an extended detention order to 33 members of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement.

The 8th Chairman for the MB to a press conference has been postponed till Saturday

The 8th Chairman for the Muslim Brotherhood Movement to a world-wide press conference has been postponed till Saturday January 16, 11 a.m.

Alexandria: MB leaders arrested after attending funeral.

Highly ranked leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood faced arrest after attending the funeral of Mahmoud Shokry.

Muslim Brotherhood hold world-wide press conference to announce the 8th Chairman

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Mr Mohamed Mahdi Akef announced that his last weekly statement as the Brotherhood's 7th Chairman will be delivered in a world-wide press conference scheduled to be held

MB Chairman in an interview to refute reservations

The Muslim Brotherhood adheres to Shura and I support those who encourage the reform of regulations.

Muslim Brotherhood condemns the assassination of democracy in University’s teaching staff elections.

The "legitimate" teachers' committee condemned the unethical measures practiced against them with the elimination of their names from the nominees list.

Akef heads first meeting with the newly elected Executive Guidance Bureau

Wednesday December 23, witnessed the first Muslim Brotherhood movement's meeting after elections led by the current Chairman Mr Mohamed Mahdi Akef.

Muslim Brotherhood Movement Chairman Mr Mohamed Mahdi Akef criticizes the shunning of the movement.

Shunning of Muslim Brotherhood Movement raises questions of sincerity and transparency of opposition.