Muslim Brotherhood Reform


The Muslim Brotherhood and political involvement

Working in politics and being preoccupied with public concerns is an important responsibility, especially in the face of oppression and corruption.

MB Chairman: Sacrifice is the first road to victory

Dr. Mohammed Badie, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement, declared that true hope for change depends on the people's will and whether or not they are prepared to sacrifice

Badie: Al-Banna’s amazing foresight.

Chairman of the MB Dr. Mohammed Badie delivered his weekly statement with high spirits despite the numerous arrests that have taken place against members of the groups ranks.

Nuggets from New Muslim Brotherhood Leader’s Al-Jazeera Interview

As some of you know, the Muslim Brotherhood, the largest and most influential Islamist group in the Middle East, recently elected a new leader.

Egypt: Parliamentary interrogation of government neglect during disasters.

MB MP Hamdi Hassan accused the NDP ruling party of mismanagement and carelessness. The deputy highlighted the governments continued mismanagement of resources and squandering of public funds.

Muslim Brotherhood may change bylaws

The Muslim Brotherhood may amend its bylaws in the near future, a process requiring the cooperation of the Brotherhood's different administrative bodies.

EGYPT: Muslim Brotherhood future

"... Following an intense government crackdown, and amid growing tension between the conservatives and reformists, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) held its executive bureau elections in December.

Translation: Muhammad Badie’s acceptance speech

Muhammad Badie, the newly-elected supreme guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, delivered an acceptance speech today to an audience of Brotherhood members. We'll post some thoughts on the speech (and Badie's

Covering the Muslim Brotherhood’s Election of a New General Guide

As some of you may have heard, yesterday, the Muslim Brotherhood announced the election of a new general guide, Mohammed Badie

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood picks new leader

The Muslim Brotherhood, the banned fundamentalist party considered the largest opposition force in Egypt, has chosen a new leader who is expected to reduce the group’s participation in politics.