Muslim Brotherhood students


Brotherhood Students Reiterate Commitment to Nonviolence in the Face of Coup Repression

Muslim Brotherhood students in Egypt vow to continue their adherence to peacefulness in all protest activities across the nation, despite the brutal maximum-force strategy adopted by coup forces to quell

Muslim Brotherhood Students Acknowledge Roles of Former Group Members

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) students produced a documentary film highlighting the history of the group’s members. The film, which was screened during the MB’s First Student Conference in Cairo Saturday,

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Students Hold First Conference, Propose Development Initiatives

The Muslim Brotherhood students launched an initiative titled “A generation builds; A nation in progress” whose first stage is expected to take four years. The students proposed a "revival project"

Aswan MB students hold a rally endorsing anti-prejudice

The Muslim Brotherhood students in Aswan organized an awareness rally hoping to encourage youths to support the Egyptian football team without narrow-mindedness and prejudice. The rally was initiated in an

Crackdown on university students continues.

The clampdown series on the Muslim Brotherhood students continues with the referral of 11 Azharstudents from the committee "students' movement against electoral rigging" for interrogation.

The detention of 10 Engineer Students from Helwan.

Prosecutors decided today to detain 10 Muslim Brotherhood students from the Faculty of Engineering from Helwan University. The students were charged with the same accusations in which the movement's members

The interference continues with MB students eliminated from Student Body electoral rolls of Cairo and

 Rigging of the student body elections continue where more than 40 Muslim Brotherhood students at Cairo University noticed that their names were not included in the final lists for the

Sawasya Centre For Human Rights Calles on Mubarak to Release Fayoum Students

Swaseya Centre for Human Rights and Countring Anti-Descrimination has issued a statement in which it condemned what was faced by Fayoum students of arrests, dismissals and administrative investigations in the

Haqqi Centre Urges International Organizations to Defend MB Students

“Haqqi Centre For Human Rights” in their issued statement today titled “Save Fayoum Student”, has condemned the circumistances to which detained Fayoum students were exposed to.

Re-arrest of Four Students from Fayoum After Being Released

The Ministry of Interior has issued a decision to arrest the four students from Fayoum who were arrested on grounds of the recent incidents in Fayoum University. The Ministry of