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Virtual Brotherhood

The National's Matt Bradley has a story on the Muslim Brotherhood's Facebook clone:

Student arrested in Sharqeya while on her way to Eid prayers.

The first day of Eid witnessed the harassment and seizing of a student in Sharqeya while she was on her way to perform the Eid prayers. State security officer stopped

Launching of Azhar students (Bader) campaign for the environment.

The Muslim Brotherhood students of the Medical Faculty in Azhar University launched a campaign following the initiative to help improve the environment. The campaign "Bader" or "Initiate" which is the

2 arrests and 3 extended detentions for innocent Muslim Brotherhood members.

State Security forces in North Sinai raided the homes of Hossam Shorbagy son of MB leader Dr Abdul Rahman Shorbagy and Bassam Adel.

Medical school’s tops students denied rights.

Dr Ahmed Gowhary, President of Fayoum University failed to appoint 4 students positions on the University's staff despite their credentials.

The Brotherhood is silenced, again

The issue of Egypt’s repression of dissenters and Muslim Brotherhood bloggers gets little coverage in the West. Is this because Egypt is a “moderate and pro-Western” dictatorship? Perhaps.

No Information About Kidnapped Students Yet: Lawyer

Egyptian Security forces have been launching “summer crackdown against many Muslim Brotherhood (MB) youth. A month ago, about 45 members were arrested in a summer resort. On July 21, 2007,

Summer of MB Youth: Fun With a Mission

How you spend your time is more important than how you spend your money. Money mistakes can be corrected, but time is gone forever. .” a quote by David Norris

Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in Egypt

This chapter aims at reviewing and analyzing activities and ideas of the Muslim Brotherhood movement, as an example of a socially oriented political movement with a political platform. This will