Muslim Communities


Demonstrators mark International J’lem Day in Moscow

Dozens of residents of the Russian capital gathered Friday with representatives of Arab and Muslim communities in one of Moscow’s largest squares to mark International Jerusalem Day and show support

Debating Non-Violent Islamism

Berman gets Ramadan's struggle backward. Ramadan's primary adversaries are not liberals in the West but rather literalistic Salafists whose ideas are ascendant in Muslim communities from Egypt and the Persian

Al Azhar Grand Imam meets with US Muslim Representative

Farah Pandith, special representative to the Muslim communities for the US State department, held a press conference at the US embassy before meeting with Dr. Ahmed Altayeb, al Azhar Grand

US Muslim envoy visiting Egypt

Special Representative to Muslim Communities for the United States Department of State Farah Pandith will visit Egypt from June 15 to June 18.

UK Islamic rights groups welcomes PREVENT decision

This aspect of PREVENT is very clear to Muslim communities, in particular young people, and as such is deeply alienating.

What Americans think about Muslims

WASHINGTON, DC: The American people and their openness to Muslim communities will in many ways determine the success of US President Barack Obama’s global engagement initiative,