Muslims and Christians


Muslim Brotherhood Strongly Condemns Persecution of Muslims in Central African Republic

The Muslim Brotherhood exhorts international relief organizations to stop the unspeakable atrocities committed against innocent Muslim men and women in Central Africa.

Anti-Coup National Alliance Statement Condemns Putschists’ Constitutional Amendments

Egypt’s military madness brushes aside the national charter ratified by popular referendum only months ago, only to provide a new ‘polished’ version more suitable for its dubious purposes.

FJP: Khaled Saeed Murderers Now Kill Women; Killed Copts in ‘Two Saints’ Church

Freedom and Justice Party affirms that the murderers of Khaled Saeed are the same security operatives who killed Christians in ‘Two Saints’ Church in Alexandria, in 2011, and now kill

Erian: Rebellion Against Democracy Will Not Disrupt Institution-Building Endeavors

FJP leader Erian expresses hope that June 30 would witness the end of a battle of wills, with the opposition giving up on the violent discourse it chose as it

Egypt Commander-in-Chief Al-Sisi: Army Will Not Police Streets; the Ballot Box is the Solution

Army chief Al-Sisi calls on all Egyptians to close ranks, face democratic transformation challenges and work selflessly to serve the homeland and its higher interests.

Arabs and Muslims Strongly Condemn Arrest of Jerusalem Grand Mufti

Israeli authorities release Sheikh Mohamed Hussein, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and the Palestinian territories Wednesday – hours after their forces arrested him at his home.

Essam El-Erian: Muslim-Christian Co-Existence Greatest Guarantee for Progress

The FJP’s deputy head, Erian, reminds Egyptians and Arabs that Christians are an integral, worthy and well-intentioned part of their world.

Erian: Brotherhood and FJP Still Most Ardent Seekers of Cooperation, Dialogue with All Parties

Freedom and Justice Party deputy leader reaffirms that the Muslim Brotherhood and its political wing are by far the keenest on dialogue and national harmony.

Khossos Muslims and Copts in Reconciliation Meeting

As neighbors at home and partners at work, Muslims and Christians in Egypt commit to peaceful coexistence and to foil attempts to stoke sedition.

MP Emara: Sectarian Violence Red Line Political Opposition Must Not Cross

In a special session of Egypt’s parliament, MPs mourn cathedral clashes deaths, push for effective action to prevent violent clashes, and highlight the need for instilling a spirit of tolerance