Muslims and Christians


Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Badie: Desperate Attempts to Undermine National Unity Will Fail

Brotherhood leader Badie offers sincere condolences to families of those who died in Khossos clashes Saturday, and urges authorities to bring perpetrators to justice.

Beltagy: Attack on Cathedral Desperate and Futile Attempt to Ignite Sectarian Strife

Freedom and Justice Party leader Beltagy exhorts Egyptians - Muslims and Christians - to close ranks in the face of devious, yet hopeless, plots to cause deadly chaos and violence.

Journalists for Reform: Journalists are Primary Targets of Counter-Revolution

Egypt’s Journalists For Reform movement accuses Mubarak-era holdovers of violent attacks on all media professionals who stand against replication of the ousted regime in postrevolution Egypt.

Beltagy: Shubra Events Not Sectarian; Deterring Thugs Ministry of Interior Responsibility

FJP leader Beltagy assures ongoing Shubra district violence is by no means sectarian; and urges the ministry of interior to take firm action to deter criminals and saboteurs.

Badie: Revolution Anniversary Reminds of Need for Cooperation and Forgiveness

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood chief Badie calls for reconciliation, tolerance and cooperation on the January 25 revolution’s second anniversary, reminding that Egypt needs all its citizens’ best efforts.

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Congratulates Egyptians on Adoption of New National Charter

Egypt Brotherhood chief Badie hails approval of the country’s first post-revolution constitution as a stepping-stone to the path of genuine democratic transformation and a real renaissance.

Egypt President Morsi: I Refuse to Describe Christians as Minority

Egyptian President Morsi assures that protesters’ demand to cancel Monday’s Constitutional Declaration will be met within weeks, when the country's new constitution replaces all preceding charters. constitutional declarations and decrees.

Freedom and Justice Party Statement about Ongoing Clashes Outside U.S. Embassy in Cairo

Translation of the Freedom and Justice Party’s statement on the continuing clashes around the US embassy in Cairo, Egypt, as on Thursday, September 13, 2012.

Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Anti-Islam Film

Translation of the statement issued Tuesday by Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood political arm, the FJP, condemning the anti-Islam film made by certain US Coptic Christians with dubious – apparently personal –

Shura Council: Dahshur Crises Resolved, Christian Families Back Home

Egyptian Parliament’s consultative Shura Council has succeeded in resolving recent Dahshur clashes, asserting the rule of law while involving community leaders in reconciliation efforts.